? about hatching Pekins.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Cr8z4ducks, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Cr8z4ducks

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Here's my story...[​IMG]

    About two years ago I purchased two Pekins from our local Tractor Supply store during Easter. It was me that wanted them, but gave the excuse they were Easter presents for my two nieces at the time. [​IMG] Turned out, I had two drakes, and I loved them both and even built them a nice pen with a condo, as I call it. All was well, until one of the Pekins "Daffy" got into a battle with my beagle, and unfortunately he didn't win. So now I keep them separate since they can't play nice. "Donald" my other drake was lonely, so I acquired "Daisy" about 6 months ago with the hopes I could raise my own Pekins. I didn't think Donald knew what to do with Daisy, but as I've discovered in the last week, he does, so I'm starting to prepare for eggs. After doing a lot research on Pekins, I understand that they are not very broody, and will lay a clutch of eggs. So if I need to incubate these eggs do I need to pick them up as she lays them and put them one by one in the incubator? Or should I wait and see if she decides to get broody? I've even considered getting a broody bantam hen to help her. What do you all do that raise ducks?

    Also what should I do with the ducklings after they hatch...leave them with the mother or remove them, etc? Should they be kept under a heat lamp for a while if the weather is still cool?

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    Also it isn't likely she will go broody. I personally would either incubate the eggs or use a broody hen. (If you use a broody hen the ducks won't be as tame as if you had raised them yourself). Then I personally would wait until 8 - 12 weeks before trying to introduce them.
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    If they are anything like chickens, the female duck will NOT want ANYTHING to do with them UNLESS she is broody.

    Best thing to do would be to get an incubator (or broody hen that will need a place by herself) collect the eggs for a few days and then stick them in the incubator all at once.

    After you hatch them you should raise them in a brooder until they are fully feathered and old enough to go back in with mom and dad.
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    Mar 1, 2012
    Thank you both for the replies. Daisy laid her first egg today!!! So should I wait and see what she does? Or go ahead and pick it up? I've read about turning them and I was also told to put them in a carton until I'm ready to incubate.

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