about how old??

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6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
Hello everyone, new to the whole chicken thing. Two weeks ago I aquired three RIR pullets and one Dominique. So far none are laying. I believe the Rhode islands are too young, but the Dominique should be of laying age. I bought her under the impression that she is under a year old. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
What you have there is a barred rock and three red sex links. They are all female, so good news there.

It's really hard to tell age on the barred rock, she looks like she's just reaching the point of laying. Her comb is large, but looks on the pale side and not especially red and plump. This could be she's young and not quite sexually mature, she's older and getting ready to molt, or she's ill.
I'm guessing it's an age thing since you've not mentioned any illness or acting unusual, droopy, etc. The red sex link hen to the left also has a larger comb, so I'd guess overall they're all just hitting point of lay and you'll be getting eggs within a month from those two. Remember, moving and going to a new home also throws off laying, so that can delay them a few weeks also.
Cool I don't think she's ill. She has a great appetite and is definitely at the top of the pecking order. She is fiesty compared to the other three. What the pics don't show is that she was pretty badly henpecked when I got her. Have been treating with blue kote since. Hopefully you're right and she's just coming of age. Didnt want to be sold an "old" hen. Guess ill just be patient and see. Thank you.
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