ABOUT to incubate some eggs, do we WAsh them? We need a response Soon


Some people believe you should not wash eggs because if you do, you wash off an invisible layer called the "bloom", which helps keep bacteria out.

Others wash their eggs in some water just a splash of bleach in it. If you do, make sure the water is slightly warmer than the egg. Then dry with a clean paper towel before setting.

I personally wouldn't wash them, but I wouldn't put a super dirty egg in my incubator either.

Hope this helps!
OK !OK !we have 2 out of 2 responses. We will not wash the Bloom,,, the Bloom,,,,,,,,Thank you Thank you Mary, husband, daughter, son son, cat , 2 dogs, 2 fish and 7 Amber link hens, and a Rooster Cogburn

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