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    Mar 1, 2008
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    I have been throwing around the idea of using the egg carton from day one. I have eggs due May 8th or so and plan on using the egg carton for hatching them (my first hatch). But I have new eggs coming this week and wanted to try to hatch them from the get go in the cartons (these are blue orp eggs and mean alot to me so am not sure about the risk but no guts no glory at least that is what my brothers tell me)

    Now for my ? I have read how you lift one side of the carton using a block or what ever to hold it there, then you switch the block to the other side, eggs turned. My ? is how does that turn the eggs from one side to the next?

    I am next wondering if you marked the eggs with the X's or O's (or what ever you use) if you could leave them in the carton and still turn by hand but turn them with out taking them out of the carton, just kind of swirl them, just like you turn them when they are on their side with out picking them up. That way you know they made it the 1/2 turn? I know that seems like defeating your purpose but I would think it help with less bumping of the eggs (hope that makes sense as I can't figure out how else to type it LOL). I also think it would make it easier to have them in the carton from begining till end.

    Any idea's on if this would work, and if ya don't think it would work please explain why ya don't think it would work

    Thanks all
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    Mar 18, 2008
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    Jean I am on day 9 using the egg carton method.I used the paper/caardboard egg carton cut holes in the bottom and have just used a paperback book to shift the carton from side to side 3x/d.From what I understand the turners essentially are turning the eggs at the same degree not from side to side like you do with hand turning.I think it should be better.It only takes a few seconds to slip the book to the other side and I have 3dozen eggs so it would be alot of time to hand turn that many.So less time the bator is open less egg handling etc.We will see in 2wks.
  3. tiki244

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    Jan 1, 2008
    I just cut the egg carton the way kellie does and use the top half of the carton to place one end of the carton with the eggs in on. (YIKES what a mouthful) Then when it is time to turn I turn the carton around so the other end of the egg carton is up(3X a day). It works well, no need to turn more than that because that is the relatively same angle as a commercial egg turner would turn the eggs. It doesnt look like enough but it is. no need for x's or o's. I had a succesful hatch with this way before and am sure I will again, but its kinda scary the first time
  4. kaacres

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    I agree with tiki. I did the exact same thing. I cut the lid of the carton up to use to prop the eggs in the carton up and then just switched it for the turning. The only thing I did differently is I cut the bottom of the cartons to just hold 6 eggs each. So no one would have trouble in stepping over eggs when they hatched. It seems to have worked out pretty well.

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