Absolutely Flabberghasted- Why is it Chirping?!

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Langshan Lover
11 Years
Jan 4, 2009
Claremore, OK
I have had chicks that chirp unusually loud, and some that absolutely scream especially by themselves.

This chick, ALWAYS the same one will be asleep with it's 2 brothers and 1 sister. All of a sudden it's like a siren goes off and it wakes up chirping it's head off. 4 successive chirps. Then it calms down.

Is it even possible for a bird to have a nightmare? And why on earth is it happening every hour?!
Don't know...
Mine will let out some loud chirps too occasionally. Sometimes I think another may have pecked or pulled at a feather??? All is calm, and then all of a sudden "CHEEP, CHEEP!!!!"

If the chick seems fine otherwise, I sure wouldn't worry about it....
Sound like it is checking to see if the other chicks are still there...

Chicken nightmares? dog have them ... Maybe a chicken could...
( maybe nightmares of Colonel Sanders )

hahaha! My boyfriend stayed home sick today and asked me what on earth was wrong with it! He said it would be fine, then start chirping and then all would be well for about 20 minutes.

Hilarious! I told him "Chicken Turrets!"
Thank you! I really couldn't figure out turrets. I kept thinking of castles and had no idea how that related to the subject. Now it makes sense.

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