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    has anyone ever seen or heard of an aby with actual patterns on them before or know of a link with info and pics? i have a pair of pure abys and last litter they had ruddy and sorels normal marked like mom and dad(mom is fawn/silver? and dad is ruddy). well my girl had 5 babies so far this am and 2 my surprise she has two oddballs that r gorgous and patterned. i was there for the breedings, i only have 1 male and she has never been outside my house so i know my male is the father of all 5 kittens. one is black with light race stripes down back with circle looking patterns on it the other is like a choc with cream colored pattern and stripes. i think the other 3 r ruddy colored but i haven't really checked them in the light yet. will take pics here in a few. i'm in awe at how different these 2 look from parents and all the siblings. this is her second litter so i'm curious as to what she has trown me because they r so unique looking. will post pics soon as i can would love to know what their pattern is called and colors r called if possible.

    ok here is pics of em all.

    this is the black looking one

    this is the 3 ruddy's

    this is the choc/cream looking one
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    I don't know anything about color genetics.

    But they are Gorgeous! [​IMG] [​IMG] I am always a sucker for the oddballs.
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    I like the cream-ish looking one. Let me know if you don't want it [​IMG]
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    Are they CFA? If they're not, or if you didn't get them from a show breeder, it's very possible that there's a classic tabby in the pedigree (i.e., a cat that is not an Aby) and that's what you're seeing. Ticked is dominant to classic, so you can get classic tabby carried by normal looking ticked Abyssinians. Some classic carriers look ticked and some have some stripes showing. Your babies who are classic may either be classic/classic (meaning both mom and dad carried it) or they may be ticked/classic (meaning one parent carried it but not both).
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    i love oddballs too!! [​IMG] i like the creamish color one too. i wonder if they will loose the spotting when they get older and get their adult looks? the cream one is a boy, black is a girl and the ruddys r 2 boys and a girl. i was thinking about keeping a female if we do it would be the black one we'd keep for pick of litter.[​IMG]

    the parents are cfa and tica registered but i did not buy their papers if i decide to later i can go back and buy them. they came from a cattery that raises and breeds exotic cats like servals, abys, cougars, persians, bengals, savannahs and can't remember the other couple breeds. she is a very reputable breeder and used to show horses maybe cats at one point can't remember now but i don't believe she shows anymore if i remember right from what she said when i got them.

    if there is anything else in the peds i'd say by looking at them it would be bangle(looking at those 2 babies) but my breeders look pure aby and i got them as pure abys and she lists when she has hybrids if they r and is a very open and knowledgable breeder so i don't think she would have steered me wrong. i spent like 2 hours at her cattery when i got them and we talked about them and her other cats and she answered everything i asked her and was wonderful with info, tips and help. the father of the kits is the cat in my avitar.
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    It looks like you have a couple of classic tabby striped abys. I want to see pictures when they are bigger. They look like they will be gorgeous!

    this site has a good color genetics link...

    If I understand it correctly, there are two genes involved in tabby, one affecting blotched/mackerel and one affecting agouti. The agouti is a dominant masking gene; so it looks like both your male and female are heterogeneous for agouti, and homogeneous for the recessive blotched tabby gene. This leads to blotched tabby kittens in approximately 1/4 of all kittens produced.

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    i'm really excited to watch them grow i think it is both amazing and fasinating. will definately add pics as they grow. mom and babies r doing wonderful. [​IMG] k i went through the link, i kinda understand. so my question is, r they throwing pet quality aby babies, rare aby's or r they throwing mixed breed babies? if it is mixed breed babies i'm going to be po'd and contacting the breeder. [​IMG] at first i thought maybe they were long haired aby's can't think of what they r called now, but i think they only have the m on the forhead and no tabby markings. i wish my cell would do better pics cuz to see them in person they r amazeing to see, i really do love their colors and patterns.

    is it possible they r a classic Tortoiseshell and a brown Tortoiseshell or what's called torbies?
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