Abyssinian Blue ringneck hatching eggs

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  1. Auction is for 6 Abyssinian Blue Ringneck Pheasant hatching eggs. We have several pens of Blues setup for breeding. We have fertile eggs in the incubator and have starting shipping.

    We CAN NOT guarantee the eggs to hatch. We hatch a large number of birds at our farm, but when the eggs are shipped we have no control over how they are handled during the trip, incubated at your farm, or other factors that can harm hatchability. The EGGS will be shipped FRESH and packed securely so you have the best possible chances. Shipping is by Priority for $12.50 or express mail for the extra cost. We do not ship outside the USA or to Hawaii. Payment by Paypal.


    1. If the eggs take more than a week to reach you after we mail them out, we will replace or refund them.

    2. If for some reason, we are unable to fill the order- we will refund your payment.

    3. We will not replace eggs that fail to hatch because of numerous factors that can affect hatchability.

    4. If you do not understand this- Do Not Bid!

    You can see photos of the different pheasants on our website www.spectrumranch.net

    Watch for our other auctions as we have other eggs that will be listed.

    For questions you can email [email protected] or call 605-730-0791

    Thank you

    Randy-- Spectrum Ranch Alternative Livestock- everything from Alpacas to Zebra!
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    WoW! you have a whole lot of amimals!. Nice site. Love your blue roans and bison. Nice birds too!
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    Randy is this still for just 6 eggs...or have more been laid?
  5. Quote:Auction is for 6 eggs. We get about 10 blue eggs per day.

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