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How accurate is the chicken calculator? I just started a flock about 1 year ago and I have several breeds and colors. I tried a combination of two different colored birds but the same breed on the calculator that produced a 25% chance of getting the color that I want in a roo, however I figured if I just switch the sexes on the cross I would get the same results for a pullet but I did not. I tried many variations but I could not get the same color for a pullet not even close, any suggestions. I am a beginner and don't have any clue about genetics but I plan on buying some books so if anyone has a suggestion please let me know, thanks.


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Jul 22, 2009
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Quote:You cant get that in pullets, the yellow/golden color is from the roos being split for the gold and silver genes, you can not get split pullets, that are either pure gold or pure silver, no inbetweens

Silver male on a gold females should give you all yellow/golden roos and all pure silver hens and a Gold male on a silver female would give yellow/golden males and pure gold females.
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When you look at the calculator under the hen column, you won't find two genes for every trait. This is because they are sex-linked. The chromosome that makes the hen female is too small to carry any of the genes that is on its counterpart. For silver, your choices are s+/- and S/-. The rooster has s+/s+, S/s+, and S/S. The dash (-) stands for that chromosome. The golden color is the result of S/s+, which is not possible in hens.

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