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    PLEASE DO NOT HIT BUY IT NOW! I want this ad to run for the full week, thanks!!!

    Ok, here is my actual ad...

    I have a gift that I like to share with open minded people that are curious about where their lives are headed, or what events might be coming in their future. I've been able to predict things since I was a very little girl, with my first prediction being around the age of 4 when I knew that a cup of hot tea would fall on me before it did. But, being a 4 year old, I grabbed the hot cup of tea anyway and landed myself in the ER. I've learned to heed my own visions, and in 2006 my friend suggested I learn to read tarot cards as she felt that I would be able to harness my energy into the cards and get accurate readings. I worked hard at reading the cards and the readings that I do now are highly accurate and often contain much more information than that customer asks for. Once that flow of information starts, it's hard to shut it off or ignore it. I've done readings for several BYC'ers as well as many other people, and I wanted to offer it on a wider scale. So, here are my prices and availability:

    I can do readings via the internet, or, if you are in my area, or want to make the trip out here, I do in person readings by appointment. Here are my prices:

    For a full 10 card spread that answers the really important life questions, I charge $20. But I give a very in depth explanation of what each card means, and how it pertains to your question.

    For an 8 card love reading I can tell you if the person you desire is going to fall in love with you, or if you have a new relationship in your future. Anything you want to know about your love life can be answered with this spread. This reading is $10

    For a 3 card reading, I can give you basic yes or no answers to important, pressing questions that are bothering you, such as: Will you get that new job you applied for? Will your husband remember your anniversary this year? Will you be able to sell your house before the end of the year? And just about any question you can imagine. For this reading, I charge $5 per reading (question), or $12 for 3 questions.

    I also have other, more personal readings that I can do that have special pricing and cover special requests and situations. If you want to know more about me and about what I can do, please visit my website at If you are even the littlest bit curious, just visit my website and look around. PM me if interested. I do accept paypal. I look forward to doing a reading for you.


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