Ack! I am freaking out! quail and chicken eggs

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  1. I checked my eggs at lunch and they were fine. But a minute ago when I went to trun them, the bator therm was over 110!!! I cracked three quail eggs and one chicken and they weren't moving, but that could be because i cracked open the eggs...right? No moving when i candled BEFORE cracking the you think they are all dead?? I can't afford to replace em all [​IMG]


  2. CindyS

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    They should be moving, but dont crack any more open! what day are you on, its hard to say if they are dead but I would give them a chance.
  3. coloradochick

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    Oh I hope everything is okay
  4. I am on day 12. I didn't crack them till I was sure nobody inside was moving. The clear stuff inside was cloudy and the shells were what'd I would describe as hot. The temporal thermometer I have registered the eggshells at "HI" which is anything 108 and above, before i cracked em open. I have seven chicken eggs left, and 37 quail. Do I go ahead and incubate as normal, or do I toss the whole bunch. Is there any hope at all that they didn't cook in the excessive heat (my two mercury thermometers top out at 110 and they were maxed. ) I know they werent that hot at 1pm. It's 530 ish, and i am unsure how long they have been that hot. Any hope?
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    I would continue to incubate. You just never know.......[​IMG] good luck hatching vibes coming down there to you
  6. Alright. So theres hope, huh? I really really want these boogers to hatch. [​IMG]
  7. 98 gt

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    If it only pasted a few minutes max, I would continue as if itdidnt happen, candle around day 14, if no movement, then begin to worry

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    I have one that tops that. 118 degrees 5-6hrs on day 20 with Bobwhite quail. They are probably toast. Bummer.
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  9. I candled one egg this morning and it had a red glow to it, couldn't make out any masses at all inside.
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    If you cannot afford more eggs, then there's no point in tossing them, especially with no more eggs lined up to go in after these. I had a heat spike (108 I think) and my batch didn't hatch. I didn't have anything else to put in it though. If they had been your own laid eggs, I'd say to toss them, but, since they were purchased (or so I assume), give them a chance.

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