Acting strange


Jun 11, 2018
Hi, So I have 4 Barred Rock, and 3 Golden comets. They are all about 22 weeks. I have one laying and one i think is trying to lay right now. However, I have one which always appeared to be the runt of the group acting strange. Very stand offish. I went out and five of them came running. I went and found her sitting down in the shade. When i approached her she got up and walked to the group. I left and returned about 5 mins later and she was sitting down again in the shade. I noticed last night she was being stand offish from the group as well. She looks healthy. I don't believe she is ready to start laying eggs yet. Any ideas on whats going on?


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Jul 16, 2015
Sounds unwell to me. From what can be hard to tell. I once had a starting pullet that looked sick for 3 days before finally laying her first egg, so that's always a possibility. Does she eat and drink or is she just pretending to like a sick might?

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