Actual amount of Lumber...4'x8' coop. please help...

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  1. gogoalie

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    May 15, 2010
    Am designing a 4'x8' coop, dual walled insulated, windowed & doored, 16" coded walls & floors. & Will need help on how much lumber I'll be needing. Likewise, should I go with Particle board, rather than plywood?

    So far, my list includes:

    2 4'x8'x1/2" Plywood/partboard
    8 2"x4"x8' stud


    12 studs
    8 Plywood/partboard

    2 Ply or partboard
    8 studs

    Roof Slanted:
    3 2"x6"x8" stud
    2 Ply or partwood

    2 3/4"ply/part
    3 2x4x8' studs
    2 2"x12"x16' Planks
    3 4x4x4' treated lumber base

    The framing for the door & the window will be minimal, & any cut outs for the door & window will be used towards that. I want to know, is will this be enouhg, & should I got T-111 on the exterior, & minus the plywood/partboard? (or cover the ply/part with T-111?).

    Thanks, any help & addition or subtraction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Jun 29, 2010
    Southern New Hampshire
    I am building my coop all on my own. DH just gives me advice. He recommended the T-111 instead of plywood - so did the guys at Home Depot and Lowes. This is how it looked before I framed out the door and framed it in and changed the hinge and I've also tar-papered the roof and made a better ramp for them to get up and down on. I'm going to use corrugated galvanized metal for the roof - just like that look. I bought the primed T-111 because it was cheaper. Everyone said the plywood wouldn't last as long and since I was buying all new material - nothing just laying around for me too use - I went with that. I'd recommend you just use that and then if you need to insulate go from there. I may insulate it this fall but some say it's not necessary. I'll probably do it tho'. I'm not sure if you were to use plywood and then the T-111 if that would offer some insulating properties. Someone with real construction skills hopefully will chime in. I used a bit more lumber than I planned for but I'm really proud of myself that it doesn't look like some ole shack (which i think is what everyone thought it would look like). Good Luck -

    oh - having outside nesting boxes is a great idea. I altered my plans for that.
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    May 8, 2009
    American Canyon
    Take a look at my coop page - mine is 4x8, and I have a materials list on the page. I did use plywood, but I am not sure it will hold up as well as the T-111 blackbird13 recommends, plus the t-111 looks more like siding.
    I also took a lot of tips from Cluckingham palace's page which is the same size - there is more than one by that name, this one is the first photo on the chicken tractor page.

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