acurite and temps.


12 Years
Jul 10, 2007
When you use a acurite and a water wiggler,do you put the acurite in the incubater, and which temp. gauge do you use to measure the temp. of the wiggler, the one that say in or out.What temp. should the other gauge be around.
The probe in the wiggle will be the outside reading. The inside reading will be the air temp in the bator. You have to have it in the bator for it to read humidity and inside air temp.
o.k. thanks Poison Ivy. Does the other temp matter then as long as the temp in the egg ( wiggler)is correct?
No the other temp does not matter! I don't even look at the inside temp. as long as the temp is 99.5-100 in the wiggler then you should be fine!

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