***ACV, asprin & gatorade dosages***


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Jul 22, 2011
my poor hen liberty got done by the rooster today and he's not gentle. she had a few blood feathers out of her tail busted up and she was bleeding pretty good. i gave her a warm bath and cleaned the wound. we also got some ACV and gatoade for her water and some asprin. i was wondering how much asprin gatorade and ACV i should put in it the water...
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When a feather gets cut too short or broken and bleeds.. I have read here (and heard from a parrot owning neighbor) to grab it low.. at the base and twist and pull it out... it will stop bleeding that way.

Blu Kote spray on any cut or scrap, injured skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar.. many recommend the Organic type.... Either way.. I add a "spash", probably a couple teaspoons, not more than one Tablespoon. Others add two Tablespoons.. (my chickens seem to not like it, shy away from the water when there are two TBLs).. this is per gallon.

I do not give any animal Asprin.. this is per my veterinarian. Someone else may have other opinions. Asprin is very hard on the stomach and can and has caused internal bleeding in Dogs, even in small doses... it depends on the animal, some are more sensitive than others.

Pedialyte or animal "Electrolyte and Vitamin powder" are recommended for Chickens.. Gatorade has too much sugar in it. Unflavored Pedialyte... even flavored if you want. Not sure about any dilution needed.... it probably has "baby directions" on the label and that would be fine for Chickens I would think. Just straight, not diluted if a chicken is sick. Maybe diluted by half if it is for general purposes, not for a particular ill chicken.
And, the packet of Vitamin and Electrolyte powder you can buy at the feed store -- it does not have "small" directions on it.. feed store said 1 tsp. per gallon.. I figured out much less and also found my chickens would not drink the water if I added more than 1/8 teaspoon.. which is what I found when I "did the math".

If you are feeding "chick starter", or laying feed, laying mash, laying pellets, etc.. then, chickens get enough vitamins from that for normal situations. Too many vitamins can be as bad as not enough. So, if you are feeding a good 'vitamins added' feed (not just scratch), then go with the Pedialyte and not the Vitamin and Electrolyte solution, or not too much and not for long.

Also, keep her warm and isolated, quiet and dry.. maybe just give her some TLC, some scrambled eggs mixed with a little yogurt, as a high protein treat... let her rest overnight and treat any wounds. Consider a chicken saddle or apron for her. He will get her at least a few times a day, so...

Hope this helps some.. others have other opinions about this. Good luck.
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thanks for the info we have her on the acv and electrolite water and chick starter but we dont have the bluecote. will she be all right without it?? right now shes in a guineapig cage asleep. should i give her another bath tomarrow or just leave her??
Aspirin can be ok in some situation for pain. Vet opinions are different. It shouldnt be given to any animal on a regular basis unless a vet oks it though. Aspirin should NEVER be given when they are losing blood because its blood thinner. It might not make them bleed out but can make it extremely difficult to for the wound to clot more stress on the bird and the owner. Priority one is always stop the bleeding, clean and access the damage, stitch if needed, antibiotic ointment for a few days and then blukote to dry and hide the injury from the other birds. These are just my opinions, everyone does things different.
thanks a bunch!!! no need to stich and i took the asprin water away, thank goodness i did that soon!! i will do the antibiotic ointment and we just orderd some bluecote.

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