acv & vitiamins


8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
East Tn
Can you mix the polysol vitamins with acv in chick water? I have some coming soon & wanted to give them the best start.
I did, on 3 batches of chicks and still do for 2 batches. Some say not to do this, by donn't say why. I do it. Mine have been healthy so far. GL Maybe others will give their opinion on this too as I' a newbie.
I've been putting a teaspoon per gallon in all waterers since day one and I've had no significant health problems so far, plus the waterers aren't as yucky to clean as it cuts down on the algae build up.
I do and I also put probio's in the water. Probio's is a probiotic. My older chicks have real shiny feathers.
Thanks ya'll ! I been using acv in my other chicks water since they were 2 weeks old which I found out about on here.
Also been using some probios & yogurt . guess that why they have been doing so good
We started with 21 have only lost 1 which is why we started looking for some answers here. Our first run of chicks were about a week old when we got them.I had been reading about the vitiamins thought about asking if we could use both. These will be coming from ideal loosing any just breaks my heart
even though logic says I am going to loose some. Everyone on here has been great
many thanks to all for your sharing of knowledge. All of us newbies need help.
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