ACV vs Oxine and adding vitamins to either of these


10 Years
Sep 6, 2009
Le Roy, NY
So...a little history 1st

I had a hen that contracted and died of trichomonas back in July. At the advice of Peter Brown, I have been adding Oxine to the water to avoid the trichomonas in the future. I now have CRD in my flock, which is doing fine...I only have 1 that is sneezing currently and so far the ones that have shown symptoms of CRD have run the course and done fine with no medications and recovered. (I do know that this will keep rearing it's ugly head and I will forever deal with it). I think I am safe from the trich at this point.

I still add oxine to the water and I feel that it does help decrease the spread of the CRD so I am reluctant to discontinue the oxine (and have a boat load left), but I want to add vitamins to the water and I am assuming that the oxine will decrease the level of certain vitamins or negate it all together (since it is essentialy bleach water). I want to add vitamins for several reasons, especially since I have chicks excepting to hatch on tuesday or wednesday this week and I always have used vitamins in the chicks water ( idk if it matters, but the chicks should be free of CRD since the "parents" have not yet contracted it) . I also would like to give vitamins to the rest of the flock to help them deal with the CRD and I think it's a good idea after I deworm them. question is....can you add vitamins to ACV? Does the acidity of ACV effect the amount/balance of the vitamins? Will the ACV (with mother) provide some vitamin supplementation on it's own?


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