Add a bossier breed to quiet a loud hen?


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Sep 27, 2008
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Hello! I'm new here, so apologies if I should have posted elsewhere or if this topic has already been covered (a few searches didn't turn up anything on quite this topic).

My question is this: Can I introduce a more dominating breed of chicken to make my loudmouthed gold sex link pipe down? (And are some breeds more likely to produce dominant hens, or is it a crapshoot?)

I've read many posts about how to quiet loud hens, but so far, nothing has done the trick. I've tried blocking light from the coop and run; no luck. I tried putting her in a big dog crate with a perch in the garage every night; she still squawked to raise the dead every morning and woke the neighbors. I've left scratch, scraps, etc. in the run at night so she can have a morning snack; she squawks with her mouth full! She did this even when she lived with two other hens, but she lost her last housemate a week ago and she's noisier than ever now that she's on her own.

So, (1) is it possible to quiet her by introducing one or two bigger-bodied, more dominant hens, and (2) if so, can anyone recommend a breed that lays fairly reliably, is likely to boss around a smallish hen, and doesn't tend to crow every morning? (I wouldn't want to bring in even noisier chickens to solve this problem!)

Egg-laying noises and happy chicken chatter are wonderful; it's the extended squawking and honking sessions every morning that are driving me crazy. Thanks for any suggestions!
hi RO

Hope you find lots of answers here!

How many chickens do you have now?
How old is she? I have two golden comets 'negotiating' over dominance of the flock. I'm assuming the matter will be settled soon, and no one is getting hurt. They're 17 weeks old and both lay large double-yolkers. Do you want to add more aggression to the flock? I'd wait and give her a chance to settle. BTW, both of my dominant girls are also competing for my attention, is your girl simply one who wants your attention?
Thanks for the welcome, Chicabee, and for your comments, LynneP! My chicken is nearly two years old. She's my only hen at the moment, sadly, and I do want to add at least two more (we're allowed up to four hens in my city). She made less noise when she lived with two very mellow hens (one of whom was the dominant bird), but she still started up too early for my sanity.

It's not that I want aggressive birds; I just wondered whether having a bigger, bossier hen in there with her might quiet her down. She certainly doesn't listen to me when I shush her! Maybe she'd listen to a hefty, dominant hen? Then again, I don't want to toss in birds who are going to make just as much morning noise as she does now. Tricky.

I don't think she particularly wants attention from me; she's not very friendly and enjoys pecking me in the leg. I miss the little chick who fell asleep in my hand! (Is this a bit like having a teenager?)

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