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I would like to suggest a new page on sexing chicks, maybe in the Learning Center. Sexing by color, comb size, things like that to give newbies as well as long time chicken owners a possible way to tell the boys from the girls. Or at least get an idea. Such as,

Red Sex-link chicks -- Males hatch out white, females hatch out buff or red.

Cuckoo maran chicks -- Males are lighter in color, {gray}. Females are dark in color{black} with yellow patch on the back of the head.

Chick feathers -- Check 2 rows of feathers, if the same length, it is a male. If different lengths its female.

I know there are probably alot more ways and ideas that people have, this is just a few as an example.
This might not be exactly tried and true, but it would give someone at least an idea.
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I like this idea. I was a doubter one could tell with much success on day 1 or 2. I am a first time "mom" with Americaunas and Barred Rocks. One of the BR grew much faster and its tail feathers grew longer and in a more upright fashion and I was afraid it was a rooster. I finally found a page somewhere on here that helped me feel better...that they are females. But now I can't find it again. I think a section on this would be valuable.
sounds sexy

I think "what breed or gender is this" is good. They go together well.
I agree. I have tried my hand at vent sexing and have been pretty accurate, but I'd like a more sure-fire way. I would be voulenteering to help with something if needed.
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