added two chicks to the brooder-advice needed

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    Mar 18, 2012
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    I picked up a Marans and a Wellsummer today at Naomi's in Portland. They were hatched on 4/4, the same day as to remaining four of my fist batch and are just a little larger that my two RIR. I haven't seen my chicks peck each other aggressively and after an initial dust up and some chest bumping the two new chicks are eating and drinking . The Marans, though cautious,immediately joined the 'flock'.

    The Wellspring brooder at the feed store had a couple of very aggressive chicks in it and all the chicks beside the two aggressive peckish ones had some bald patches and had lost their little all tail feathers. I chose the one that seemed calm but was alert enough to avoid getting trampled or cornered. When I put her into the brooder things ot busy but she was barely moving around at all. She finally moved over to the side of the brooder where she at least wasn't getting stepped while the other five birds raced around and fell asleep. Next time I checked on her she was all srtetched out and I though she was dead but she got up and moved after the others ran over her. Next time I checked she was sleeping with the two Buff Ops and looked cozy enough.

    Should I be doing anything to keep her safe until she adjusts? Also, she had a dried scab where here tail feathers are coming back, should I do anything with this?

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