Addicted. Didn't expect it to happen so quickly


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
I took a look a Murray McMurray Hatchery and almost ordered a turkey
But I didn't because I would have gotten in trouble. Plus I don't like that I'd have to order straight run, no boys allowed!

My thinking is that I have 6 chicks and thanks to you lovely people I feel 98.3% positive I'm guaranteed 4 hens because they are red and black sex links. I then have 2 barred rocks that were labeled as pullets, but you know
So I'm concerned because I LOVE my BR, and if one or both of them end up roosters then I will get rid of them
and then be left with just the sex links (boring). Yesterday I went to the same farm store where I had gotten my chicks before and they had a bunch of BR that look the exact same age as my BR and their price has been cut because there are starting the ugly stage lol

So chicken math is kicking in. Right now I'm just telling myself to get 2 more and if they all end up hens then I'd rehome some of the sex links because I really do like my flock of 6 and don't have the money to build a huge coop. BUT if I get some roosters then hopefully with the "extra" chicks I'd still end up with 6ish hens and I'd happily be able to rehome any roosters and still have my ideal flock size :) Make sense to you? Cause it does to me.

My daughter and I are lucky enough to be sharing a home with my mom, doesn't work for everyone but it's been awesome for us. I never really asked my mothers permission to get the chicks, I just asked her how mad she would be and then said tough :) She doesn't take care of them at all, has nothing to do with them. So I'm thinking if I brought home a few more she probably wouldn't even notice



7 Years
Jun 29, 2012
Don't worry about the sexlinks--you can't get more sure they're pullets than to order female sexlinks. Unlike with most varieties of chick which have to be sexed the hard way, sexlinks can be sexed just by looking at their feather color, leaving little to no room for error. If you get a boy sexlink in with your pullets, it will be the first case I have ever heard of.

If you ordered pullets, I would just assume they are all pullets. In our first flock of 20 chickens, we only had one surprise rooster, so sexing techniques are usually pretty on-the-mark.

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