Addicted to eggs, got some recently :)

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Sabz, Jan 13, 2015.

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    Mar 27, 2013
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    Since about the start of december, my hens stopped laying.
    Since the days are getting longer (Dec 21st), as if they were on a timer, they started laying again! I was getting eggs almost every other day. Since it was really cold, they all froze. I did not find thoese eggs quite appealing to eat, the yolk stays in a "ball" when you craxk the thawed egg.. it's weird. I cooked them, and gave them to the baby chicks.

    But this week the temperature increased and I had 4 eggs on the table yesterday. I was SO happy. It's crazy how I missed my morning eggs. I was so in the habit of eating eggs in the morning that the first week without eggs I ate at Tim Horton's every morning because I didn't have anything for breakfast and didn't feel like going to the grocery!!

    I was happy like when I had my first eggs ever LOL. I ate two for supper because I couldn't wait until next morning.

    I am now addicted to my eggs. While eating them yesterday I was thinking "I will have layers until I am not able to care for them, this is so great".

    Did this happen to anyone else?! Am I a crazy chicken lady? Do you seriously miss eggs in the winter?
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    I use supplemental light and have pullets laying so don't miss eggs in winter cause they still put out.
    I eat alot of eggs too, always have they are a wonderful food made better when coming from the backyard.
    But, believe it or not, you might get sick of them...I do, then go to the grocery for other

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