Addictive...are you kidding?


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Mar 5, 2010
North Branch, MN
I laughed when I first signed in to ask a question about my sick chicken. I read the homepage with the warning..."beware BYC can be very addicting" or something to that effect. I thought not for me, I am too full time, homeschool my kids, run a farm, raising a husband. But here I am at 11:15 scouring through the posts and replying when I should be sleeping. They weren't kidding.

Anyone else having trouble signing off?
I, personally, would never sign off if not for my chickens!
signing off is a bad idea. I did once and never could log back in using firefox. Had to switch to IE to get logged back in! (and it took me 3 days of frustration to finally try IE)
I could read but not post! You talk about BYC withdrawls!!!!
What's "signoff" - Is that like, when you take your eyes off the forum for a minute? TWO minutes?? . . . What's signoff?
Another 24/7.. I never log out of BYC.. Only time is if the computer is shut off and turned back on. But that rarely happens unless the computer is updating.. Addicting yes... I love this site.. I was a lurker for a long time..

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