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Oct 31, 2009
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So I have decided that having a house duck is not for me. I have started to call my 4 week old Muscovy Stinky because she does sometimes.
It is not just that though. One of the dogs does NOT like her at all. Granted my dogs are small breeds but I think it may be a case of I can pick on you because you are smaller and not scary like the ducks outside are. This morning my darling little Shih Tzu, Sushi bit Stinky. She didn't bite hard and actually just bit Stinky's beak so no injury or anything but I don't want to have to constantly watch or seperate them. In addition to this, Sushi will stand in front of Stinky's crate when she's in there and just bark and bark. Then there is my Papillon, Demi who has put on a few pounds since deciding that duck food and duck poop are yummy treats.
When she goes outside I constantly tell her to get out of the duck's food. And when inside, she tries to lick any of Stinky's poop on the peepee pad off from outside of the crate.

Anyway, so I have decided to move Stinky outside. My runners will all be gone this afternoon so the 5 ~2 month old Muscovy will have the run to themselves. I have taken Stinky out to meet them and she terrorizes them. Nothing funnier than to see a 4 week old duckling chasing 5 muscovy and 6 ~8 week old Runners around the yard. I'm worried because she just constantly pecks at the muscovy and grabs their beaks. I can put her in the run and seperate her until she's a little bigger but then she'll still be alone.

Any ideas?

Also, it stays in the upper 70's or low 80's at night here (I hate Florida) do you think she'll need a light for warmth?
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Are you worried that the older ducklings are going to hurt Stinky? It sounds like Stinky can hold her own. Also, if she was an only duckling before you got her, she might not think she's a duck. She might be imprinted on humans. In which case, I'm not sure she'll ever fully accept being part of the flock.
Yes, I am worried that they will hurt her. At one point one of them got annoyed and knocked her down and was kind of biting her. She was with other ducklings for her first week but since has lived with people. She loves the other ducks though. I take her outside and she follows me until she sees them then she runs off to try to catch up. I think that she will integrate I just don't want her to be hurt.
Oh ok. Well then I would try separating her with your smallest muscovy. You have one that's smaller than the rest, right? Let them bond for a week or so and then reintroduce both of them to the rest. And just like chickens, establishing a pecking order can look brutal. With hatch-mates it's subtle and can go unnoticed by us but when you're introducing new birds it can look scary. She just needs to learn her place. Learning it one on one will be less dangerous.
You're welcome! I'm sure it'll work just fine. It's just always tricky introducing a lone bird into an established flock. The potential for gang violence is very real. If there are two new birds added to a small flock they have to take turns deciding who to pick on.
Well, I put Stinky outside last night. My DH who was not thrilled with a duck inside was very concerned and checked on her a number of times.

At first I seperated her with the smallest of the older Muscovy but the older one was practically throwing herself at the gate on the front of the enclosure to try to get back to the others. I didn't want her to hurt herself so I decided to leave them together for a bit and observe. Stinky picked at everyone for a while but a short time later, they were all laying down in what they have used for their bed.

Checked this morning and everyone is fine.

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