Adding a Hen to a Hen Flock (No Roos)

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8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
How to add a Hen to an only Hen flock? Are Hens less aggressive towards new comers? Is it the same method as adding a new chicken to a normal flock with Roos? Or is it easier because Hens are more excepting?
Based on my recient experience, using a wire cage to put the new hen(s) in inside of the coop will allow the older chicks to get use to the new comer. I reciently introduced two older pullets into my flock of young pullets and two young roosters. I thought all was well until I found bits of feather here and there and bald spots on the backs of two of my prior chickens. The older two were attacking the younger ones. They seem to be all getting along now, but I had to seperate them for a bit then reintroduce them slowly. I still have 10 chicks to introduce eventually so I am going to try the slow approach with them.

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