Adding a new 11 week old to my flock! I think I messed up!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Shelly2733, Jun 27, 2011.

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    May 10, 2011
    Hi! I have an assorted little flock of chickens that I just started at the beginning of April. (Two speckled sussex, two California whites, two barred feather-footed bantams and two crazy black chickens). I found out that my two black chickens (that look completely different now) are both roosters. So, I'm lucky enough that the guy who I bought them from said that I could bring back any roosters and exchange them for a hen. He doesn't eat his chickens, just raises them to sell babies, etc.

    Anyway, I took the one rooster out yesterday (which was HARD). He was already mean and would never let me touch him at all, so I kept his very nice and gentlemanly brother who always lets the hens eat first and is very nice to me.

    I exchanged him for an absolutely beautiful young mixed hen with very long, pointed tail feathers. She looks like a mix between a pheasant and a chicken, just gorgeous and sweet as can be. Well, I brought her home and let them all run around the yard for a while but, some of the bigger birds were pretty mean to her and she seems very timid and scared. Even the tiny little runtly feather-footed bantam that I have jumped at her.

    Well, this is day two and she has been sitting on top of their house inside the big chicken coop/run because the others seem to be too fat to get themselves up there now (they used to do it!). I put food up there for her and she flies down and drinks water but then goes back up. When she's down and they come at her, she just flies back up - which is smart if you ask me!

    But, I'm reading now that maybe I should've done thinks differently but, it's a little late since I just threw her in there to the wolves! I didn't worry about diseases because they all came from the exact same place and the rest have been more than healthy, they're huge!

    Any help and words of wisdom would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

    Also - at what age do I give them general laying food? They're on 16% right now and they will all be about 3 months old this weekend.

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! This place has been a godsend to me! I have learned so much from the forum posts!

    I'm going to let them run around in the yard again tonight when I come home and I hope she comes out. I just feel so bad for her! My other chickens are generally very nice and nice to each other (well, except for the rooster who now has a new family.)
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    Can you identify one or two who are the ringleaders? If you can, you can separate them for a few days then return them, which will put them at the bottom of the pecking order. Or you can try a little dominance, such as "pecking" them yourself (I use a flexible stick that won't hurt or a spurt from the garden hose) and see if you can shake up the pecking order that way.

    Usually people just let them work it out as long as no one draws blood, as they will then attack a bloody wound. It's not fun to watch, but it is just chickens being chickens.
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    Did you only invite just her to the flock?

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