Adding a New Hen to the Flock


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Mar 26, 2015
merriam, ks
I have 2 hens that are about 9-10 weeks old. I started out with 4 but 2 ended up being roosters and I had to rehome them. I'd like to add a buff orpington or another rhode island red and have 3 hens. I'm just not sure exactly when to add a new bird. Should I wait until my 2 are older? Will adding a 3rd bird create problems? Will they get along? I appreciate any information - I am new to having chickens.
You'll want to quarantine any new birds but the sooner you add the new bird the better. The older they get, the more established the flock becomes. I'd add 2 birds and quarantine for 2 weeks. That means a good distance from your first flock.
Combining like numbers and like sizes helps integration. Lone birds are sometimes picked on.

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