Adding a second Cockatiel?

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    Mar 12, 2008
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    I have a wonderful young male Cockatiel named Gimel, hatched last July, got him last November. He is very personable and friendly with us.

    Should we get a second cockatiel to keep with him? Would it make him happier? Would it make him less interested in being with us?

    If we got one, should it be another male or female? What would be the benefits/disadvantages of each?

    We also have a male parakeet who lives in a nearby cage, so he has another cage bird for company. They aren't friendly with each other, but can hear each other chatter throughout the day. We do take our cockatiel out of his cage & give him lots of attention & handling.

    The people who bred our cockatiel have more young ones for sale. Please share your thoughts, thank you!
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    Apr 1, 2013
    If you want to keep your cockatiel as a pet I would recommend having the new one in its own cage. Cockatiels can sometimes be an exception but almost all parrots will bond to the other bird and not you. That doesn't mean you can't let them out to play together, just house them separately.
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    Oct 7, 2012
    I have been breeding teils for years
    just having one teil, that is fine you see his flock is your family.
    Do research on parrots, (teils)
    a good site is
    parrots, do believe that humans are there flock, what I do is when we have dinner, I have a plate of human food, SAFE FOOD, rice, pasta, sweet potato (no butter) potato,mash, or baked, veggies, they live eggs scramble but crush the egg shell inside it (crush it very fine) this is very good for them. But this shows, YES WE ARE ALL A FLOCK.
    number one no no do not put a mirror inside their cage, they will bond to the mirror.
    But getting another baby, and you are worried about he wont be freindly with your family, with my teils, even my breeder are very friendly, I can go in the breeding box with both parents inside, I can lift one of them by the body to check on the eggs and babys, lol and no I don't get bit, when I put them down on the babys, they WANT THEIR HEAD RUBBED, THATS WHEN THEY GET MAD WHEN I FORGET TO RUB THEIR HEAD, SOOO WHO OWNS ME (MOM)? THEM!!! every bird I have has my number THEY OWN ME LOL. I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!
    I have teils that are young and they are in the same cage, when they get out, I have many fighting over one of my shoulder (AS I SAID ONE SHOULDER) they don't want my other one lol. Even my older ones are together and they are very freindly, because WE ARE PART OF THEIR FLOCK.
    so either way you go its going to be ok, if you are working and you feather friend is in the cage, just play music, or leave the t.v on for your buddy
    But you have to think like a bird, body language, and sometimes just like us they might be in a bad mood, not because of you but just like us we all have bad moods at time.
    I hope this helps you
    take care sherry:)

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