adding a second flock and coop


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7 Years
May 8, 2012
I have 19 chickens,: 2 roosters and 17 hens and a large coop, and let them free range most days.

i would like to build a second coop and start another flock from day old chicks as i did the first group.

what do i avoid? will they all get along eventually, does it matter? will they avoid each other ( which is fine) , ? the coops will be 100 ft apart or more, but they will be free ranging in same area.

chickens are AWESOME !

Den in Penn

8 Years
Dec 15, 2011
SE Pa.
Should be no problems having a second coop and flock. If they have enough area to free range in they will go their separate ways. If you have the feed outside, at least two feeding stations will be needed.

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