Adding bantams to our LF flock of 5??

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by PitterPatterPalace, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. So... Looking into breeders close to us that we may be interested in the breeds. The two NPIP certified are:

    1. Sheryl Butler in Bothell (Cochin Bantam & LF)
    2. Cynthia Smith in Tacoma (Araucana Bantam & LF)

    I was able to find very positive reviews for Sheryl on BYC & elsewhere. Talked to her today and she seemed very knowledgable and answered all my questions & had a few of her own. She thought the bantams may not be tolerated well by our 5 LF pullets.

    Does anyone have experience mixing bantams with LF? Do you have a separate coop for the bantams?

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    I have both LF and bantam breeds, housed in a few coops. Two of four coops are occupied soley by 4 bantams, but the other two coops have LF and bantam breeds roosting in them. The only reason for my "bantam only" facilities is that I purchased the chicks in two separate batches of four chicks, and then housed them separately as they grew out into the general population. Everybody else had already established where they roost, and those two groups each return to their grow out coops at night.

    They range freely together, they visit each others' coops during the day and even test out the roost bars, nest boxes, feeders, and scratch in the pine shaving litter. Those 8 just return to their own little coop castles at night. In one of the four coops I have two bantams and two LF, and they all snuggle together. In another coop, there's only ONE bantam, a cochin, with 8 LF chickens; she roosts right up there with everybody else.

    My bantam breeds are cochin, Sebrights, black orp, EE and buff Brahma. You can read all the different breeds I have in my signature paragraph.
  3. Pitter, the intros will go a lot smoother, if the newbies are mature stock. Bantams are feisty little guys, usually, but the homies will reent their intrusion. Best to give them the advantage of maturity..........Pop
  4. The new ones would be established pullets (5-12 months old). Then with the quarantine period of a month & 1-2 week "introductory" period, I would imagine they'd be pretty well acclimated by that time.

    But that's why I'm asking the experts- YOU!


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