Adding chickens in with Guineas?


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Apr 13, 2014
We have a 12 x 35 foot long pen for our guineas. I made a nesting area in there for them and the 4 females all laid eggs in it. However, they refuse to sit on the nest .. it has over 40 eggs in it. They started laying on March 30th and continue to lay but I am sure many of the eggs are bad by now. I can not incubate as I not home 3 days a week. Our pen is very secure from foxes, raccoons, snakes, etc. Basically.. unless the critter can fly it can not get into the pen. The guineas are closed up in the pen at night but free range during the day. I have read that many people have chickens that hatch their guinea eggs. Could I mix chickens in with my 6 guineas (2 males / 4 females)? Could they share a pen? The chickens would have to fly up about 3.5 feet to get in and out of the pen. I would rather they stay in the pen unless we are home to supervise them... but the guinas come and go all day. If chickens could be mixed in with the guinea hens.. what ones would be less likley to fly? I would love to hatch some keets but my guineas have no intention of doing the job. I asked my husband if he would build me a chicken pen.. that is not going to happen. We put a lot into this pen making it critter proof. I had re-hab raccoons for years so I know how to coon proof places =)

Also, how can I tell if an egg has gone bad in the nest? We got our guineas in July of last year for tick control. This is our first clutch of eggs. We don't bother the nest or spend much time in the pen ... they are just bad parents. We are in GA.

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great to have you joining the BYC flock

BYC has a very useful learning center

Mine sleep with the chickens

And from time to time they get along

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