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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by DonnnyT, Oct 10, 2016.

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    Hey all. I have read up a lot about it and have come up with different thoughts about the topic. I have 2 Plymouth Barred Rock hens and I want to add just one more in with them. They are about 3 months old (maybe alittle more maybe alittle less). The coop is plenty big enough just worried about things I have read. Any input on the topic would help me out greatly. Thanks
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    What does "is plenty big enough" mean... in feet by feet?
    You will need 'extra' space separate but adjacent for integration.

    Single bird integration, especially into a tiny 'flock' can be tough.
    Here's a coupe threads that might help:
  4. Place the new bird in a wire dog crate with food and water for about a week inside the coop. look but no touch...After a week try letting her out..It will be a bit mean looking to you...A lots of chasing and pecking might happen. As long as no blood is she do not interfere..Pecking order needs to be established before they will get along..It could take weeks before the other two allow her into the mini flock you have...Adding two birds would be better because the two you already have will gang up on the single new bird. Also have two feed and water stations going...

    Best of luck..

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    Thank you all. I have read up and decided in gonna go with 2 new girls the same age. Wish me luck!

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