adding eggs to incubator midway thru


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Jun 6, 2010
Hi, I am getting 4 Black Copper Marans eggs today and don't want to wait very long to put them in the incubator. Last time I had 2 and I waited 7 days to put them in the incubator because I was waiting to get more fertile eggs from another breeder. They didnt hatch.
I heard someone somewhere once, mention that they added more eggs to the incubator midway through the 21 days. I was wondering if this would work? would it be ok? If I turned the younger eggs by hand once the older eggs went on lockdown? Has anyone done this?
thanks for all your wisdom.
Most people who add eggs to the bator after other eggs have started incubating, have a second bator that they move the eggs into for lockdown and hatch. (an Incubator and Hatcher)

It is hard to keep humidity up during lockdown if you are opening the lid to turn the "young" eggs.

How long have your first set of eggs been incubating?
I was going to set the first 4 eggs either today or tomorrow. The next batch will probably be ready for me to pick up next week. My 2nd incubator is super old. I bought it used and which was a mistake. Turns out it won't get about about 96 degrees.

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