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  1. Hello everyone, I am getting chicks tomorrow and am wondering if I can set up my waterer ahead of time? Do I use cold water or warm water. It's been along time since I had chicks, and can't remember everything from 25 years back. Can someone help me out. I've got my brooder all set up in an old sheep tank. I got the wood shaving's down, and paper towels on top, along with a screen over the top, and the heat lamps on. I've got the chick starter and the medication for the water. Is there anything else I need?
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    I don't know what type of medication you are using, does it say anything about how long it will last once it's in the water? I use Avia Charge 2000 and it says to change the water every one to two days, so in that case you wouldn't want to put it in ahead of time. I would say that warm water would help to warm the chicks up when they arrive, but once they are older I have read that you should change the water often so it stays cool.
  3. I got a package of Terramycin soluble powder from the place I am getting the chicks from. It don't say much on the package just how to mix and to use for 7-14 days. Is this the right stuff? I thought they needed electrolytes. I am completely confused. Thanks for responding.
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    Don't use the terramycin,that's an antiboitic.Keep it though,might need it later on. If you have a feed store close by check with them about vitiamins & electrolyte powder I think it's 1 tsp. per gallon. Or you can make some sugar water,not sure how much sugar to use.
    Use cold water for the babies,since it'll get warm in the brooder..change it when soiled.I changed mine twice or more a day.You might want to get some marbles in the waterer,so the little ones won't drown,it's happened to some folks.Show them where the water & food is when they are settled in.
    Make sure you have a space in the brooder for the babies to get away from the light if they get too hot.
    Sorry for rambling on, I'm an over protective chicken mom, love them babies & good luck [​IMG]

  5. Thanks for the advise Miriam. I will check with the store. The chicks didn't come in today they are being shipped today so I was kinda bummed, but this gives me time to make them a shady spot. I didn't think it was right as it has antibiotic on it. I will hang onto it though just in case. The tank is aprox. 23 x 45 and am getting 50 chicks, and am using two brooder lamps. I have a thermometor in place and it says 95. I have one lamp higher than the other. Thanks for the advice.

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    A lot of people put electrolytes in their chicks water, but too much of f a good thing can be a bad thing. If you do end up with electrolytes, make sure not to put too much or it can poison them! I personally don't use them and will add sugar to their water or feed them warmed yogurt with their food if they look lethargic.

    Make sure that the food and water are easily accessible, too. More dominant chicks can keep smaller, less dominant chicks from eating and drinking. It's best if they can have 360 degree access to both! It can also help if the waterer is slightly off the ground to keep them from getting wood shavings and/or pooping in it, which they will do A LOT.

    Good luck! Baby chicks are so much fun :D

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