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    I had started a couple of polls in the Breed, Genetics, and Showing area. "What is your quiestest breed of chicken?" and "What is your noisiest Chicken?" Is it possible eventhough these are already going, to add the option to vote for more than one breed? A few folks had posted in one of the two threads, asking for more options, and I agree that being able to vote for more than one breed would be helpful. I had not created any polls before this, sorry for my inexperience. I had PMed a moderator in regards to it, and I was directed here for more advice. Thanks.

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  2. Nifty-Chicken

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    Moderators can edit poll options if they are willing, but we don't want to burden them with always editing polls so we request that the requests be limited.
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    I have no idea how to make it where there can be two selections in a poll. [​IMG] I would have been glad to change it, but did not know how to do that, since once you make a selection, your vote is counted.

    **** ok, checked out this problem by making a dummy poll. You must check the box at the bottom when you do the poll to allow more than one answer. When I went to your poll and clicked EDIT, that box did not appear for me. So, as far as I can tell, I cannot change your poll now that it's in progress, other than to add more selections.
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    There is also a limit on the number of options.
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    Thanks for the input and help with my question, Speckledhen.

    Quote:Yeah, I had that problem when I initially tried to have more breed choices in the poll. I ran out of spaces and then cut down the list down to fit.

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