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Jun 17, 2011
I have 5 6month old birds, 4 sex links & 1 barred rock. I recently got 3 18wk old sex links. I breeder told me that I should just put them in the coop with the others and let them work it out. Well, that ended with 1 of the new birds being beaten pretty bad & the other 2 constantly harrassed. I've since separated them to one end of the run so the others can see them. Will my original birds ever accept them or should I start looking for a new home for them?
It's too late now for quarantine but you should do that when they first arrive.

After the quarantine period, if possible, let them free range together a few days and sleep in separate quarters even if only for an hour or so. This gives them time to get acquainted while too busy to fight and room to escape.
If you can't free range then a pen in the pen or a divided pen where they can look but not touch.
When the time comes wait till after dark an put the new ones on the roost.

If there's still a problem, identify the bully/bullies and remove them for about a week. When they return, they'll be the newbies.

good luck.
I was told on here that having a quarantine period of introducing new birds are important since the new birds could bring in viruses and have been in a different environment. I quarantined my new birds for a couple of weeks feeding both groups some yogurt on occassion to build up their systems. I then had the four new birds spend a couple of nights in the large dog kennel I have next to the coop with the other birds so they can check each other out. I then placed the new birds into the coop at night after the others have gone to bed so in the morning they wake up together. They have seemed to do great, though a pecking order had to reestablished.

There are some other posts on this website that address this issue in more detail.
Good luck!

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