Adding new long to quarantine and other ?

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    Jul 6, 2009
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    We have a laying flock of 10 birds. We recently dispatched our Buff Orpington Rooster for bad behavior. I am getting one white and the rest mediumish brown eggs (as you can see in my avatar) I wanted Americanas when I got mine in the spring, but couldn't find them locally. On Craigslist yesterday, there was an add for Americaunas who just started laying for sale.

    I have emailed the woman who has them, and she says they are between 22-24 weeks old, same age as my pullets. She also has Welsummer pullets and cockerels the same age as my pullets. So, I am thinking of going over Tuesday to check them out. I'd like to add 2 EE pullets, 2 Welsummer pullets, and whatever Rooster seems nice to my kids. How long will I need to quarantine them from my flock?

    Also, I let my chickens out of their run at about 11 am and they free range usually until they put themselves to bed about 8 pm, unless I am not home, in which case, they stay in the coop/run all day. How long will it take the new chickens to realize where they live and what they are supposed to do? From the pictures she sent me, it looks like the chickens are in very nice large tractors with lots of fresh grass under them, but I don't think they free range.

    AND, if any of the new ones are laying now, I supposed it is pretty likely that they will quit laying because of the stress of the move. How long does it usually take for them to get going again, or does that just depend on the bird?

    I am SUPER excited to get some dark brown and blue in my egg basket, but am nervous about the transition. I keep reading about everyone that is having problems integrating flocks. YIKES!
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    Quarantine for at least 30 days or more. Just know that if they have a carrier type disease, they may not show symptoms, even during that time frame. Whatever you do, do not give antibiotics during quarantine! You want symptoms to come forward if they do have something and AB may mask those. I would definitely treat them for lice/mites and worm them, though.
    Be sure they are not in the same airspace to avoid airborne illnesses being passed to your others and follow good biosecurity measures, like changing clothes and washing hands after you handle the new birds.
    They may stop laying during the first couple of weeks or more when they are moved, or they may keep on laying.
    Sounds like a total pain, huh? And it's still not foolproof.

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