Adding new chickens to a small flock


8 Years
May 1, 2012
Hello everyone! At the moment I have 2 blue laced red wyandottes I am thinking about adding some new chickies to the group I would love to add an easter egger and a buff orpington but I have some questions on how to do so (and my BLRW are not laying yet)

Should I add them before my BLRW start to lay or next spring?
What is the best way of adding them in?
Will they be picked on alot because those breeds are know to be the lowest on the pecking order?
Is it okay to add just 2 I heard they would be more safe to add in larger numbers?

I would love to hear any tips also and anybody who has similar questions feel free to stick around and ask your own too!

This is funny, because for a long time we had our own little flock or two Easter Eggers, a silver-laced Wyandotte, and a Buff Orpington. They've since been added to the main flock though. :)

Because you're only adding two to two, I think that you would be alright. How old are/will be the two you're planning to introduce? If they're pullets then I'd definitely add them now, before the other two start laying. If they're just chick though, I would wait until next spring. :) They'll be bullied a bit, but that's typical when you add new hens, and with the small number I think it won't be quite as bad.
Don't add them until they are at least 12 to 16 weeks old....Do it slowly....I have 6 hens that are laying and are about 7 months old...I have 6 that are 9 weeks old....My 9 week old's were in a dog crate in the run with the bigger hens but i've moved them to under the coop to give them more room and still keep them separated from the bigger hens....In about 3 weeks i'll leave them free range together a little at a time then in another week or so after that i'll add them into the coop during the night....Also when introducing the new to the established make sure there is NO FOOD AT ALL around....The bitter hens will protect there food supply....After adding the new hens to your flock place another food dispenser in a different area of the run and a different water dispenser so you will have 2 of each that are separated....That way there is no competition at a single feeding station
Thanks so much for the quick replys we will be adding pullets if i can find any soon i will be adding them soon but if i cant i will add them in the spring! thank!!! oh and the ones i currently have are 6 months ish lol will adding pullets change when the hens will lay because they could lay any day?
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If you are going to be adding started pullets from someone else's flock or that you buy from a fair, breeder or craigslist please please please remember to quarantine for at least 30 days....Chickens from different areas are prone to different diseases and sickness's and have different immunities just like people from different areas....That will help to make sure all are happy and healthy
If you have restriction on the number of hens you can have I would suggest adding next year. With an difference in age the first year hens will be molting when the pullets are just starting to lay. That way you will have eggs instead of none during the fall molt.
Thanks for the replys i will be sure to quarantine them i think i will be getting them next spring !
What everyone else said! I added my 2 cochins and EE when they were around 10 weeks to my leghorn flock of 5. All of them were laying already. I did pretty much what everyone on this thread said. The little ones are 13 and 12 weeks old and still getting picked on by 2 leghorns but there has been NO blood or noticeable feather loss. I hope your BLW keep pecking to a minimal!

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