Adding new chickens to flock


8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
Put 4 roosters and 7 pullets (3 months old Rhodies) in with 8 Comets (2years) after several weeks they tolerate each other for the most part.
But I want to add 10 Isas (20 wks) and six others (8 wks) to the flock Wil the roosters hurt the young ones?
Is this unwise?
If possible you need to put the new chickens with one or two of your current hens for a couple of days and then when you put them back in the coop, they shouldn't get picked on
One thing that I could add on to duckboy101 is I put my chicks in wire cages for a day inside the coop so they all kinda get used to each other a little more. I also leave the cages in for about a week so they can kind of hide if needed. They'll still get picked on, but hopefully not as much.

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