adding new ones to layer flock : feed question


8 Years
Jul 3, 2011
Cedar Springs, MI
I will soon be introducing 6 new ones to my layer flock ( a little over a year old), my question is when the new ones join them do I need to feed them all chick starter and stop with the layer feed until the new ones are laying? I think I read somewhere that feeding layer feed when they are too young can damage their kidneys or something. Any help would be appreciated.


Free Ranging
10 Years
Jan 20, 2011
middle TN
Yep, feed the whole flock something appropriate for the little ones and offer a supplemental source of calcium for the adults. I have a container attached to the wall that I keep filled with oyster shell. Consumption goes way up when they are getting a grower food and is near zero on layer. I think they know when they need it.

If you can get a grower or all-flock feed, they work well for this purpose. I prefer not to give medicated feed to my layers.

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