Adding other breeds OK?

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Dec 15, 2017
Right now I have chickens, ducks, geese and guinea hens. I was wondering if I can add different breeds like an ostrich and turkeys and peacocks to my flock??
Will they all work good together in a
30 x 40 coop?? If I can add those breeds which breed of those breeds will work best?? Lol. THX
Maybe turkeys, tho they take up a lot of space and integration could be a nightmare.
Peacocks and Ratites have much different housing needs.
Ostriches need barns and pastures. They can really kick, and tend to grab your earrings or bangles. They are a pretty large animal with a VERY small brain. They won't work well with your other poultry.

Peacocks tend to just stay at a place, I have really never seen them in a coop or a barn, maybe in the rafters. They make incredible noise, sounds kind of scary. But I have never seen them with other poultry, I think they need a LOT of space.
Turkeys and peafowl will get sick and die from a parasite that's not a big problem for chickens. Most people recommend separate housing for them. Peafowl SCREAM, and need very large flight cages.
I have geese, chickens and a peacock in the same coop and they do very well, I think the peacock thinks the hens are his :). So, the peacock may fight with a rooster (I don't have one currently). He free ranges during the day and goes in the coop with the hens at night although he does stay out some nights in the summer. Yes, he makes noise but only from about April to August and with one peacock I don't mind it at all. He'll be on the roof calling a couple of times a day, it's not constant. My geese make a lot more noise than the peacock!
I am surprised that your peacock does coop up with your chickens. It is a peculiar sound they make, but I suppose you get used to it. I have seen peacocks on peoples places, but I have never had one, but I have only seen them with one other peacock or alone.

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