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    Just a suggestion in adding extra protine to chick mash pellets. After you grind the pellets down for the baby quail. Try adding crushed freeze dried crickets. At pet stores in the reptile section they have freeze dried bugs. You have to be carefull of fat content it, like meal worms (freeze dried) they are very high in fat . A small amount of meal worms is ok, maybe 1-1\2 Tbls. to 16 c. of mash, to much will give the chicks diarrea. Also I've added bee pollen from the health store, among various other things to my baby quails diet. I've gottten creative because store bought quail food, especially chick food does not meet thier requirements. Some quail chicks eat bugs when they are young. Getting the bugs from the pet store is safest ( no pesticide on them) and freeze dried for easy handling just crush em up! Please do not get bugs from outside your home to feed you quail, so many possibilities of nasty things on or in them. Well I hope this will help someone. Thanks for reading. Angie. W. I also wanted to add that after the chick has his/her adult plumage I would decrease the amount of protine intake. Look up the requirements for an adult bird for the breed of quail you have and make adjustments accordingly.
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