adding some ducks to my chicken flock? What do you think?


12 Years
Jul 5, 2007
upstate New York
When I heard what some people were getting for duck eggs I said "I need to get me some ducks!" Would they be able to live with my chickens? What kind of ducks should I get? What are your thoughts?
I am hatching mixed duck eggs, then pekins and muscovie mixes. if your looking for quiet. muscovies I heard are the best. I cant wait to hatch these guys out though as I never had ducks and chickens toghether. I have heard ducks are messy and they will turn your yard into mud. I am keeping mine penned up and letting them turn that one area into mud as much as they want. I have heard you can keep them toghether but the drakes will try to mate with chickens

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