Adding some pullets....any tips?

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    I have five 15 week old chicks (3 rhode island reds and 2 bantams) that I have in a coop in the backyard with an attached dog run for a pen. They free range for a couple hours every evening. To try to make a long story as short as possible I managed ending up with only one pullet and 4 roosters. After posting some questions about how to make our biggest rooster not so mean I decided to get some more pullets to help the boys calm down a little and not drive my pullet crazy (although she has made quite a pair with the calmer RIR rooster-they hang out and next together everyday-so cute). Tonight I'm going to pick up 3 more pullets that are 18-22 weeks from a local farmer. How do I introduce the two flocks and will the newbies be ok to free range the first couple of nights or should they be kept in the pen? Please give me any advice you can!!!

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    Your other chickens are going to be a bit mean at first, so put the new ones in a fenced off area or a large do crate where no on else can even fly over top or you may have some deaths or injuries. After a few days in the crate, then let them all out together to free range, but only with supervision. Then put them back in crate for night. After a week or 2 then try them together, and see how it goes. Anyone very mean or aggressive, isolate in jail for a couple of days, and so on.
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