Adding to my flocks, I apologize if I am in the incorrect category


10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
I now have 3 laying rir 9 months ols. I would like to add to my flock, 6 more. Here are my possibilities. Some one around here has rir chicks, and some one else around her has white rock pullets and deeleware pullets. What are the best ones to add to my flock. I was thinking some of each, rir, and white rock and deleware. Do they all lay brown eggs? Would they all get along? Are pullets another word for chicks and are white rocks also same as white plymouth. n Any help, I need , thanksa you guys are great
Pullets are female chickens under 1 year old. Yes, white rocks are plymouth rocks. The breed is plymouth rock, color white. There are also barred plym. rocks, etc.
All those birds are good layers of nice brown eggs and you should be able to mix them without any problem once your younger girls are 16 weeks or so.
sherrydeane thanks so much for info. now what about the deleware she says she also has deleware, will they fit with my rir and I will also get the white plymouth rock.

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