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    Aug 30, 2014
    Needing a bit of help here. Does anyone know where I can get low individual numbers of certain breeds that are reasonably priced for chicks? I want to add a variety of hens to the flock come spring. Right now I have RR, Silver laced wyandottes, a big black one (I know super descriptive), buff orphington, ISA browns, easter eggers and I think Cinnamon queens. I am interested in more Easter Eggers, Ameraucana, Blue laced Red Wyandottes, Salmon Faverolle, Black copper and Blue Marans, Jersey Giants, Buffs of different colors. What I would like is a large dual purpose ( I know the EES and Ameraucanas don't fall in that catagory), good potential to go broody, good layers. I'd like to get 1 or 2 of each breed. I am sure I have missed a couple of varieties/breeds.
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    I know Murray McMurray has a minimum order of 15 day old chicks from April-October (25 the rest of the year). If you were to get 2 of each of the breeds you want, that would be 16 chicks so minimum met there. Meyer Hatchery has a 3 chick minimum from April-October (15 minimum the rest of the year). My Pet Chicken offers small numbers of chicks, it varies depending on where you live. There are probably other hatcheries you could find that would offer you a variety of chick numbers. When I was looking for ours, the shipping costs could vary quite a bit from one hatchery to another.

    Have you tried to find anyone local that has some of the breeds you want for sale? One place you could ask would be on your state thread here on BYC:

    Maybe you could find someone to split an order with you?

    Good luck finding what you want!

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