Adding two old english bantam roosters to the mix?

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  1. OldMcKrackinHadAFarm

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    Oct 25, 2011
    Hello All-

    I am new to the chicken thing. I'm really enjoying it. But since I'm new....I am clueless, and I need your help...

    My current flock is....
    1 old english bantam hen - Glitter
    1 silkie mix hen - Pechie
    1 silkie/cornish mix rooster - Flash Lightning aka Heff
    3 speckled hens - Fluff, Nutella and Redleigh aka Holly, Brigit and Kendra
    2 indian runner hens Vanessa and Peanut
    1 indian runner drake - Jelly

    All are roughly the same age.

    The rooster (Heff) has an attitude problem. We thought he wasn't getting enough hen so we brought in the 3 speckled hens (Holly, Brigit and Kendra) this past weekend.
    The three speckled hens lived with 2 old english bantam roosters who are really sweet and easy going. My husband is really feeling bad that he separated them and now wants to bring them to our coop.

    Here's the question...Can I add these two old english bantam roosters to the mix or am I asking for trouble?
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    Aug 2, 2011
    Madison, CT
    Quote:You will probably be asking for trouble.
    Old English Game roo's are known for being aggressive, mine was and we didn't even have a 2nd roo.
    Old English Games are the types of chickens they would use for cock fighting rings back in England.
    So i would imagine if you try to put them together, it will = a cock fight.

    wikipedia also explains their fighting history
    "The English Game Fowl is one of the oldest strains of poultry breeds that have been used for fighting purposes. Through the Middle Ages the breed was developed by the English Nobility into many varying colors, traits desirable for cockfighting were chosen by breeders. Cockfighting became illegal in Britain and Australia in the 1850s and English game fowl are usually kept just by poultry enthusiasts. Today the breeds are used at poultry exhibitions and breeders try to develop stock that will win prizes. Exhibition bred cocks can fetch amounts over US$ 600. Breeders aim to preserve the present strains of this species, as many have already died out."

    Don't get me wrong i love OEG's, i use to have tons of them! The hens are very sweet :]!
    But i can't imagine being able to put two roosters together without them trying to kill each other

    Sorry [​IMG]
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  3. OldMcKrackinHadAFarm

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    Oct 25, 2011
    Thanks for replying.
    I was hoping since the two are Old English Bantams we'd be ok.
    Oh well.

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