adivce please on hatching eggs!

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    Hi everyone - a couple days ago I posted a topic about my broody sitting on her eggs in my garden, it was so hot, and she was so exposed I was concerned for her.
    anyway when I went out this morning 6 chicks were in my garden, and she was going around in a circle, not knowing whether to see to the chicks or the eggs poor thing!, so I moved her and the chicks to a cage, then I put the other eggs back with her, 3 looked like they had died trying to hatch, so I got rid of those she took the others back under her, then pushed one out again.

    ok- know what do I do!? - when do I give the chicks to their new home?, should I keep her penned up, my other chickens are free range, but we have dogs and predators around, how long should I leave her on those unhatched eggs?


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    give her a few more days and then open them carefuly. if the chicks can get in out of the coop she will do fine raising them. she will bring them in at night. you could put a board across the doorway and the chicks couldnt get out until there old enough to jump over it
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