Adjustable Thermostatically controlled outlet

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    Jun 13, 2008
    Has anybody seen any thermostatically controlled outlets that are not preset for certain temps? I've seen the ones like the Thermocube, but they all have preset temps for on and off; I'd like to find one I could adjust, so I could taper my babies heat off gradually and in response to the temp.
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    Look for one meant to run a duct booster fan. (e.t.a. - like for your house's heating/ac ducts, to boost airflow to far-flung parts of the house -- you plug the booster fan into this dealie so that it only runs when the heated [or cooled] air is flowing thru the duct).

    Home Hardware carries them here in Canada -- I do not know who all would have them in the States but they've got to be out there somewhere.

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