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I was wondering why there are 7 administrators listed in the userlists. I know nifty chicken is the owner of the site. He is on here all the time. I also know terrielacey. She is on here a lot of the time. Just curious. How did she get to be an administrator? Then there is Admin, biney, and bineyd. None of these have any posts in there profile. Howcan you be an administrator and not have any posts? vcp2 has one post. The other day I was looking at people currently online and saw vcp2. I was so shocked!!!!
support has 7 posts. It just seems like they are sort of random. Just curious why they are all there??? Thank you for any help.
There are only 2 administrators- Nifty and terrielacey; the rest are people who assist Nifty with programming.
terrielacey got to be an admin cause she's perfect.

Imp- I only know this because it was asked recently. Other than that I'm clueless.
And now you know someone reads your posts.

I'm famous. Sort of. But I registered oh, three months ago and I have ummm, more than seven hundred posts, I think. So a few people know who I am!
Whoops, 839 posts!
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