Adopted a puppy, a big one!-breed ID PIC HEAVY

Why and Dotte

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Mar 8, 2010
Princeton, IN
He isn't as big as I thought he would be, they called him a newf mix (long hair webbed feet) they thought 15wks old at first, but his baby teeth are all still in so he has to be younger than that.
I'm think he has some Rhodesian Ridgeback in there too, he's chocolate brown with an adoreable mohawk on part of his back and a curly whip like tail.
He was found on the side of the Ohio river by a farmer and turned in, such a sweetie and very docile with my little brother, I'm hoping he'll be a good farm dog. We need to name him too but no one can agree on a name, I like Tucker and Crusoe but Max (very original) seems to be in the lead.
If you have any idea of what he could be mixed with I'm loading more pictures with the ridge.


Little brother and pup on the way home


in training
(toy skunk) his favorite toy

More to come...
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He looks like a newfie mix. Newfies come in black, chocolate, blue and Landseer (B/W spotted).

Ridgebacks have a very distinctive ridge of hair running in the opposite direction of the rest of the coat. The picture you posted just looks like puppy coat.

You have a really nice dog there!
He was damp in that pic so it's harder to tell, his hair grows in a different direction in that spot for about 8 inches, he's so dark I couldn't get a very good example.


Endless possiblities. But I can see why they said newfie, maybe lab too. Ridgebacks are not very common but if his hair does grow backwards, be aware that sometimes there is a hole leading to their spine. It is called Dermoid sinus.

He is very cute. I like Tucker. Way to many Max's.

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